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We Have a Solution for Your iPhone, Irrespective of a Problem

Cell phone popularity has grown from the necessity to necessary and most of our daily work is interdependent on Smartphones. In such circumstances, what if your smart device gets broken, smashed, cracked, or simply goes out of order? You must feel helpless at some point if the cost doesn’t bother you much. We at PhoneMD understand how important it is to keep your iPhone well functioning. Hence, whether you want to get your newly launched iPhone 12, iPhone 11, iPhone X, SE or others, we offer a comprehensive and cost-effective iPhone repair service with a lifetime warranty.

Guaranteed Reduced Price

Whether it is quality repair service or repair costs, we are unbeatable. The best iPhone repair service in Indianapolis, Indiana near you assures the best services without banging on your bank.

Qualified Technicians

All our technicians have fixed over 1000 devices, all within the given time. They are certified and well versed in repairing iPhone devices that function like a brand new one.

Lifetime Warranty on Repairs

We are committed to offering the best services when it comes to quality services and reduced costs. Hence, we offer a lifetime warranty on most repairs.

Faster iPhone Repair Services

We offer quick repair services. Most repairs are done within 30 minutes, including diagnosis and solutions. We have a strong team of technicians who work committedly on the given task.

iPhone Repair Service in Indianapolis, Indiana with Comprehensive Solutions

Are you looking for a reliable solution for your iPhone? We assure you of the best services for all your iPhone repair needs. We are the Best iPhone Repair in Indianapolis, Indiana and you can count on us to fix it, no matter the cell phone issues. Let’s take a look at the services we expertly provide;

Back Glass Repair Service

When it comes to back glass repair, PhoneMD is the name of the game. We offer reliable back glass repair service for all iPhone variants at cost-effective rates.

iPhone Screen Repair

Our service is both fast and affordable with a perfect screen repair solution within 30 minutes. Bring your cracked phone to us and take it back with you with our quick repair service.

B2B Repair Service

We have a strong team of technicians with good years of experience in iPhone repair service. We offer comprehensive and cost-effective business to business iPhone repair services

Dead Battery

Are you struggling with your iPhone’s dead battery? Get it replaced within 30 minutes by a vetted iPhone expert.

iPhone Network Issue

Are you exhausted with your iPhone’s network issue? We can fix it quickly. We can repair iPhones of all variants. Just bring them to us or send us through the mail.

Water Damage

Is your brand new iPhone dead due to water? We have robust solutions for your dead iPhone and importantly, you will get a lifetime warranty on most of the repairs. Connect us now.



How long will my iPhone repair take?

Basically, it depends on the issue of a device. But as we’ve fast repair solutions for your iPhone, it usually takes 1to2 hours to fix an iPhone. If you’ve issues like,faulty charging pot, dead battery or any other minor fixes it will take no time to get repaired. We’ll return you back as soon as possible?

How much do iPhone repairs cost?

We offer you cost effective solutions for your device.Most of the time the parts used in repair can affect the cost. But don’t worry! We’ll offer you a free diagnostic for your convenience. Come to us! We’ll get your iPhone fixed with reduced cost in less time.

How can I get my iPhone screen fixed?

We offer you multiple alternatives to get your iPhone fixed simply.When it comes to screen repair, i assure you, you can never find a better solution in comparison to us.Our techs lovers are well trained and experienced to fix iPhone screens.We also provide you a lifetime warranty except certain conditions.Count on us! We’ll shoot your troubles in no time with convenient and reduced costs.