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Simplest Way to Get Your Cell Phone fixed

Are you looking for a fast repairing solution for your broken cell phone and tablets? Then PhoneMD offers high-quality cell phone repair services at affordable prices. We have certified and experienced technicians who repair all types of communication devices, including, iPhone, Samsung phone, iPad, Tablets, and all other popular devices/gadgets quickly.

cost effective

Cost-Effective Repair Service

Get your phone fixed and transform it into the brand new one with our guaranteed lowest price.

fast flexible

Fast and Flexible Repair Services

We offer same-day mobile cell phone repair service for most of the major issues with your devices.


Expert Service at Convenient Time

Want to get your broken phone or tablet fixed, our expert will be there to make it as good as new.

Irrespective of Issues, We have a Solution

No matter the problem, count on us to fix it. We have an expert team who understand the significance of the smooth functioning of phones, especially in the world of mobile and have turned up towards fast internet connectivity in the digital age. Explore the top services that we can conveniently offer;


  • Our Working Process

You must be looking for the best technicians to work on mobile or other electronic devices. We offer even better than that. Let’s explore our mobile repair work process.


  • Detect Problem

Once we have your cell phone to repair, we keep the main issue in mind while we test and detect if your device has any other issue.


  • Gather Resources

Once we detect the issue, we gather resources and hand over the repairing talks to the expert who is well-versed with solving such issues.


  • Cutting-Edge Method

We have experienced expertise, the latest diagnostic technology, and excellent methods that keep us the best in our field.


  • Deliver the best Result

We smartly decode the issue, skillfully solve it and make it robust enough to get your better experience.

  • Comprehensive Mobile Phone Repair

Whether it is a cracked screen, water damage, dead battery, broken buttons, or a speaker not working on your any cell phone device, we are the best service provider of cell phone repair and cell phone screen repair in Indianapolis, Indiana.

  • Broken iPhone Repair Service

Whether you are looking for cracked screen replacement service, water damage or any issue with your iPhone, we are the best Indiana, Indianapolis iPhone screen repair experts. Let us know what service you need.

  • Other Brand Smartphone Repair Service

We have professional experts who are efficient to repair your smartphone. Whether it is LG, Motorola, Nokia, Blackberry, HTC, or others, we bring the best solutions at your convenience.


  • Broken Samsung Repair Service

Bring home the solutions for your broken Samsung smart phone with cost-effective repair service across Indianapolis, Indiana. We provide home repair service at your convenient time. Call us to schedule repair services.

  • Broken iPad Repair Service

Get your broken fixed like a new one with guaranteed quality service and guaranteed lowest price. We offer a one-stop repair service for iPad of any generation including iPad Pro and iPad Air. Call our expert and let them know the issue.

  • Mobile Accessories Repair Service

Whether you want to repair mobile accessories or want to buy a new one, we offer.  We are the best mobile phone and accessories repair service provider across Indiana, Indianapolis, delivering high-quality service efficiently.

What Our Client Say

It was the pandemic peak when my phone was broken. Initially, I thought that I might have to give an idea of getting it fixed until I came across this website (PhoneMD) while searching for mobile phone repair near me. I was not able to go out of home, but when I contacted them over call, they helped me a lot that time. They did not just save a lot of money but they provided me a peace of mind. You know I got my phone fixed at my home. Excellent service and cost-effectiveness.


How long does it take to repair my device?

It may take half an hour to two hours for most major problems. However, in certain cases, it might take even more than that of specific hours. Besides, we offer a walk-in repair service with no appointment required. Most of our repairs can be performed on the same day.

Will repairing my device void the factory warranty?

Well, it depends. Many warranty policies become voided once a device is damaged. Having your device repaired should not void your factory warranty, but the manufacturer ultimately determines that.

What kind of parts do you use for repairs?

All parts are branded and highest quality. We get those parts from reputed and established brands. Besides, these parts are tested and guaranteed to function like the original parts from the manufacturer.

What is your repair warranty?

All of our repair services have a lifetime warranty and that keeps us apart from all other repairers. This is top in the repair industry and mostly unheard of.

I’m not sure what is wrong with my device. Should I bring it in?

Yes. It will not cost you even a single penny. We offer a FREE diagnostics service to figure the issues with your phone. We evaluate your device prior to starting any repairs. Once we determine the issue, we inform about it and let know precisely how much will it cost to repair.

My device has multiple issues. Do you offer a bundle discount?

Even though we provide a guaranteed low-cost repair service, you can get additional discounts on our service. Discounts vary depending on the combination of required repairs. Please contact us for more details.

Can you unlock my phone?

Yes, our job is not limited to just broken mobile cell phone screen repair, but we offer comprehensive solutions, irrespective of the problems. We can unlock most GSM phones including iPhones.

Will my repair cause data loss?

No. Nothing that our repair technicians do will cause loss of data. However, in rare circumstances and if your device needs a complete makeover, then that may cause a loss of data.

Do you repair water-damaged phones?

Yes, that’s our job. We provide comprehensive repair service at a reduced cost. We have a high success rate with water damage repair. Let’s us what service do you need, including water-damaged.

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